Our Staff

With many years of childcare experience within the team, we can provide personal and individual attention to each and every child at our nursery. 
All of our staff are appropriately qualified, and in accordance with requirements. All our team are first aid trained and hold child protection and food hygiene certificates.


A childminder for 9 years, Lee-Anne understands the struggles parents endure when looking for childcare. With her warm, caring nature, Lee-Anne is passionate about childrens learning and development.  Lee-Anne has extensive knowledge of the EYFS and is the Designated Safeguarding Lead at Daisychain Childcare. Lee-Anne has also completed training around behaviour management, Special Educational Needs and Disabilities, Speech and Language, Makaton and is a trained Portage Practitioner.  

SamDeputy Manager

Sam is a highly skilled practitioner with over 30 years experience in childcare, Sam is fun, kind and approachable. She enjoys messy play, craft, singing and dancing and has excellent planning and assessment skills. Previously Sam worked as a private nanny and joined Daisychain Childcare in 2016.

Kate – EY Practitioner/Administrator

Kate is a trained Montessori and Portage practitioner who has many years experience within the early years sector both here and in New Zealand.  Her diverse background enables her to focus on each childs individuality.  Kate is also a qualified administrator who heads up our office too.

Vicki – Early Years Practitioner

Vicki has worked at Daisychain Childcare for over 8 years as a practitioner.  She is a kind, compassionate individual who all of the children adore. Vicki loves joining in with childrens play and creating a warm loving home environment. Vicki heads up our kitchen too and is always making wonderful food for and with the children.

Previously, Vicki has worked in the care and mental health sector and has a deep understanding of additional needs. 

Tina - Early Years Practitioner

Tina has worked in the childcare sector for over 20 years, She holds a BA (Hons) Degree in Early Years as well as many other childcare qualifications including Safeguarding and Makaton. Tina is a trained Portage practitioner and has lots of hands on experience with SEND, by using these techniques and demonstrating her calm, friendly approach she can adapt the learning principles to pique each childs interest.  Tina is passionate about childrens learning and development and is enthusiastic about igniting their curiosity. With her extensive knowledge of the EYFS and other documented learning styles she understands how to help each child develop in their own unique way ensuring they are given every opportunity to flourish.  

Maria – Early Years Practitioner

Maria holds a degree in Early Childhood Studies and is passionate about children's development.  With her extensive knowledge of different learning styles and using a holistic approach, Maria is able to adapt her teaching method to each individual child. She is kind, caring and has lots of patience and loves cuddles with the children.

Kerry – Level 3 Apprentice Practitioner

Kerry enjoys working with children and is eager to learn more about the EYFS.  Originally from Cyprus, Kerry is bilingual and is keen to share her cultural heritage with the staff and children of Daisychain and teaching them some Greek!  Kerry has a good understanding of childrens needs and is looking forward to helping them grow.

Jenny - Level 2 Apprentice Practitioner

As a busy mum of 2, Jenny has joined Daisychain to further her career in childcare.  Jenny is an enthusiastic practitioner with lots of ideas and experience.  She has a deep understanding of childrens needs and has a warm, loving, kind nature.

Danny - Level 3 Apprentice Practitioner

Danny has experience within the early years sector.  He has been an apprentice for over 2 years and has completed his level 2 childcare and is now embarking on his level 3 qualification.  He joins us from a local pre-school and is eager to adapt the teaching styles he has learned previously and enhance his skills with children.  Danny is a kind, gentle person who thrives in our busy homely setting.  He has an excellent understanding of children's needs and is keen to help them develop their learning whilst here at Daisychain.